Sifu Xbox Release Date: Will Sifu Ever Come to Xbox One or Series X?

Will the game make its way to the Xbox?

by J.R. Waugh


Sifu has been out for a week and punishing players with its expertly-designed combat and has been quite a hit so far for developer Sloclap.  The beat-em-up game was released February 8th, 2022 on the PlayStation 4 and 5 consoles as well as on PC, but there’s still the conspicuous absence of Xbox as another capable platform to host the game.  Read on to find out the latest on Whether Sifu will come to Xbox One or Series X|S.

Sifu Xbox Release Date: Will Sifu Ever Come to Xbox One or Series X?

The most important thing to note immediately is that this is a timed console exclusive for PlayStation as of right now.  Given that their previous release, Absolver, had a similarly timed exclusivity before it went to Xbox One, it can be reasonably assumed that Sifu will make its way there as well.

Release Date


Given that Absolver was exclusively on the PS4 from August 2017 until January 2019, it can reasonably be assumed that Sifu will have roughly one year of exclusivity before making its way to other consoles.  This is nothing new in the console gaming industry, with the Xbox and PlayStation platforms doing this, especially over the past generation going forward.  While there is nothing concrete on when the game will come out, it is safe to assume Xbox fans can reasonably expect it anytime beyond 2023 if not sooner.

Why the Game Should Be on Xbox

Sloclap took delight in acknowledging the success of the game so far, with 500,000 copies sold in just two days, which is remarkable for the studio’s sophomore outing.  The game was also widely acclaimed by critics and players, including our own.  Sifu would have a welcome home on Xbox, despite not featuring the haptic feedback the PS5 version provides.  It would also make for a highly worthwhile addition to Game Pass Ultimate as well, but in general, the additional console presence would only further improve the market potential of this game.

This concludes our coverage of everything we know about Whether Sifu will come to Xbox One or Series X|S.  We will surely give updates soon enough when the time comes, but until now be sure to check out our many guides on the game.

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