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Sigma is Now Available in the Overwatch PTR

The newest Hero is confirmed to be a Tank.

by Alex Levine


Well that didn’t take long. Blizzard has wasted no time in putting it’s newest Hero in the Public Test Region (PTR) for Overwatch. Sigma is now available for anyone who plays in the PTR, which serves as Blizzards testing grounds for new updates and content. In addition, the company has given Sigma his own page, complete his background and more importantly, his in-game abilities.

Sigma is the games newest Tank Hero, and with such an imposing presence on the battlefield, it’s no surprise that he has been classified as such. Tanks are usually at the front line, taking the brunt of the enemy teams attacks. They aren’t defenseless though, and Sigma has a very impressive looking arsenal that will be on full display.

Hypherspheres is Sigma’s standard offensive move. He launches two gravitic charges that bounce before exploding, similar to Junkrat. The main difference though is that Sigma doesn’t reload his primary fire. Experimental Barrier is Sigma’s defensive move, where he throws out a barrier with 1500 health. The cool part about this ability is that Sigma can place stop it manually, and then redirect it to a different spot.

Kinetic Grasp looks to be a high skill move which will require perfect timing as it stops incoming attacks and re purposes them as shields. It’s important to note that this does not absorb the attack’s, merely converting them to the shield part of your health bar. Accretion is where Sigma throws rocks at a single enemy and knocks them back momentarily.

Finally we have Sigma’s Ultimate, Gravitic Flux. Sigma launches into the air and use his powers to lift his opponents up and then slam them back down to a designated area. This can be a crippling blow to any team composition, as it can be a great set up for Sigma’s team to follow up and annihilate there opponents in one fell swoop.

While it is great to see Sigma in the PTR so quickly, Blizzard still hasn’t stated when he’ll be released for the regular server. Heroes are normally in the PTR for two weeks, so we wouldn’t be surprised if Sigma is primed and ready by mid-August. If you’re curious about Overwatch’s newest Hero, you can sign into the PTR directly through Blizzards launcher,

You can watch the Introduction Video on Sigma here:

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