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Sim City gets “review bombed” on Metacritic

by William Schwartz


When game fans don’t like something, they do what comes naturally, and take to the public forum to voice their discontent. This is precisely what has occurred with EA’s Sim City which launched last night to a variety of problems.

At the online midnight launch, many found themselves unable to download the new game. However, once they did, they found queues to actually play the game even in a single player capacity. The heavy load on Origin servers was to be expected with a game as popular as one in the Sim City franchise, but fans are showing very little sympathy for the publisher.

It was evident last night when Twitter exploded with comments of disgruntled fans, but user reviews on Metacritic are compiling these complaints at an alarming rate for the new game. While critics have mostly good things to say about the new Sim City, giving it an overall score of 91. Users reviews are a different story entirely. Users have rated the latest from Maxis a 3.8/10. A low score that deviates from critics significantly.

Most of the criticism comes from the server issues and inability to actually download and play the game which has already been paid for. Though some critique the game for giving too little room to expand cities, something that Maxis addressed recently, and explained could increase with time.

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