Skyrim Creation Club Goes Live for Special Edition

by AOTF Staff
The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim Special Edition GOLD

Bethesda’s Creation Club has gone live for Skyrim Special Edition across all platforms. The Creation Club launched earlier this year for Fallout 4, and like that game, Skyrim will be getting a host of Bethesda created mods and content created by the community. One of the most popular mods available in the Creation Club for Skyrim Special Edition is Survival Mode, which introduces a brand new way to play Skyrim.

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The Creation Club features curated content for Bethesda’s half-decade old RPG. All content is compatible with the main game and official add-ons for the game.

To promote the launch Bethesda is giving away Skyrim Survival Mode for free through October 10th. This mode challenges players to survive in the cold wilderness of Skyrim, complete with different climate zones to navigate. Survival Mode for Skyrim adds Hunger, Fatigue, Cold, Warmth, Frozen Water and other environmental hazards. To make it harder, Fast Travel and Health Regeneration have been disabled. Players must level up by sleeping in a bed, and will earn perk points after sleeping. Carrying Weight has been reduced signifcantly, and different creatures of Skyrim carry different diseases.

A number of other mods are launching with the service, including a Divine Crusader armor set, the Plague of the Dead zombie horde mode, and a number of unique weapons for the game.

The Creation Club has been under scrutiny by players and the mod community at large. These mods do cost money and in many cases are inferior versions of what’s already available in the game for free. For example, the Survival Mod will normally cost $8 to purchase after the free giveaway is over. That’s a pretty hefty price considering the cost of previous DLC for the game.

- This article was updated on October 3rd, 2017