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Skyrim Mod gets Full Length DLC

After 3 years Enderal's DLC Forgotten Stories is Finally Out

by Jordan Kamm


Are you familiar with Enderal? It’s a mod for Skyrim, but it’s not your ordinary mod. Instead of replacing dragons with Randy Savage, or adding in a player castle to the game, this mod changes everything. The core engine and assets of Skyrim are there, but the world, the story, and even the RPG systems are all completely different. The German company SureAI is dedicated to non-commercial game developement, and has been making these total conversion mods of Betheda games since 2005 with Morrowind. For well over a decade they’ve been writing the lore and delving deep into world Vyn creating a setting as rich and detailed as any of the big budget fantasy games. Enderal, their latest and greatest, has been out since 2016 and has amassed a rather large cult following.

While the game hosts over whopping 100 hours of content, the team at SureAI didn’t get to include everything they wanted. There was a ton of cut content that they felt just wasn’t ready for the initial game release. Fortunately they have been diligently working on that cut content, getting it to a quality they’ve deemed fit, and have just launched it as Enderal’s DLC Forgotten Stories.

Enderal: Forgotten Stories adds tons of new content but the biggest addition has to be the inclusion of two fully realized guild quest chains. On your adventures over the continent of Enderal you can now join The Golden Sickle, Enderal’s prestigious Merchant’s Guild. Or you can join the seedy criminal underbelly, by becoming a member of the secret society known as the Rhalâta.

In addition to the guilds, Forgotten Stories includes 12 addition side-quests, a handful of Quality of life, and gameplay improvements, and 2 new classes based on crafting skills rather than traditional fighting skills. Turn Yourself into a crazed beast with the potion brewing Lycantrope, or summon spirits to fight by your side with the Enchanting based Phasmalist.

If you own Skyrim, you can download Enderal and it’s DLC Forgotten Stories Now

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