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Small Dragon Ball Super Episode 64 Plot Summary Revealed

by Damian Seeto


A small plot summary has now been revealed for Dragon Ball Super episode 64. You may have seen what it is about already during the episode preview.

The latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump has posted a preview for Dragon Ball Super episode 64. The title and plot summary have been translated by

The title for the episode is ” Bow down! Worship Him! The explosive fusion Zamasu!”. The plot summary says: “The clash continues between Goku / Vegeta and Zamasu / Black Goku! Vegeta leads a fierce battle to protect Trunks whose injuries have given him strength and anger. But the fight takes an unexpected turn …”

The episode preview and titles gives away what eventually happens. Future Zamasu and Black Goku merge to become one being. He pretty much looks like Zamasu with the same shape of hair as a Super Saiyan. However, the hair is still colored white.

Arguably, Zamasu has been the toughest opponent that the Z warriors have had to face to date. Buu was quite hard to beat, but Zamasu is immortal and the heroes have to come up with different techniques to try and beat him. Traditional brute strength is not going to be enough to beat this evil pair.

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