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Small Star Wars Battlefront Server Update Improves Gameplay

by Damian Seeto


DICE did a small server update to Star Wars Battlefront earlier today and the developer implemented further improvements to the gameplay and modes of the game.

DICE posted the details on the official Star Wars Battlefront forums. This isn’t the usual big update patch that you normally see, but some changes have been made to make life better for owners of the game.

LobbyPlayers will no longer get stuck in lobby, unable to join due to teams being unbalanced. This happened if one team drops from the game to a point where there’s more than 2 players more on one side.

Heroes vs VillainsUser will no longer get an invisible UI if staying in or just joining a lobby when a round ends and new heroes are appointed

Heroes vs VillainsGame mode will no longer hang if a player who was appointed a hero fails to become one due to quitting the game in the hero selection process. Heroes: Dengar will no longer do insane damage to Luke Skywalker using his Explosive Rush and Hurricane Strike

Outer RimHeroes vs Villains in the playlist will be best out of 5 rounds again, no longer 3 General: Preround timer increased from 30 to 60 seconds

Bespin: AT-AT health decreased on Cloud City. Changed the frequency of game modes appearing in the playlist – Two rounds of Sabotage will now be played every other round (similar to Extraction on Outer Rim). Increased the frequency of the level Carbon-Freezing Chamber appearing and decreased the frequency of the level Cloud City appearing.

This is certainly not the last time that updates will be made to Star Wars Battlefront. Two more paid expansions are coming before the sequel comes out in late 2017.

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