Some Small Update On Tekken X Street Fighter

by Damian Seeto

Bandai Namco has now given a small update on what work has been done on Tekken X Street Fighter so far.

Korean website “inven” had the opportunity to to speak with Bandai Namco’s Katsuhiro Harada on various topics. They even managed to squeeze out of him how the development for Tekken X Street Fighter is going.

Harada just mentioned that Tekken X Street Fighter’s “base system is already finished“. This could mean that they have an idea of the physics and outline of the game, but that’s about it.

Harada went on to hint that it will still be a long time until we will see Tekken X Street Fighter in the flesh. He said that Tekken 7 is the top priority now and they have to get that finished. He also mentioned they will work on updates and DLC for Tekken 7 too, which will also take a few more months of development.

Tekken X Street Fighter was announced back in 2010, but has been as elusive as The Last Guardian and other games. Many thought the game had been cancelled, but it just looks like Bandai Namco wanted to focus on other games first.

Harada also mentioned he wanted to release Tekken X Street Fighter during a time so it won’t coincide with both Tekken 7 or Street Fighter V. Judging from his comments, it looks like the game might be out in 2017 or beyond…