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SMITE 3.6 Adding Escape From Underworld Event, Jing Wei God, More

by Scott Grill


Hi-Rez Studio pushed the SMITE 3.6 update to public test servers (PTS) Wednesday and revealed the new content plus a new event in the process.

The “Escape from Underworld Event” changes the look and feel of the Arena game mode to give it a more hell-ish feel. Hi-Rez Studios has also added a bonus round at the end of each Arena match that pits both team of five against one another in the center of the map, which is surrounded by lava. The two sides fight until only one remains. The winning side gains additional worshippers.

New quests have been added for the SMITE Underworld event. These quests will provide rewards like the new Trapped icon and the “From the Nether” music theme.

Jing Wei: The Oathkeeper is the new God added to the Chinese Pantheon with the SMITE 3.6 update. She is a hunter type and comes equipped with a crossbow that can fire explosive bolts. Her ultimate is called “Air Strike” and allows her to fly forward and upward while covering the area below her in explosions.

A number of new skins are included with the SMITE 3.6 update such as the new Grim Wraith Hades skin at top. Guan Yu receives a similar style skin while Odin gets a new skin with a Panda look.

The complete patch notes can be found on the SMITE website. This should hit the PC next week with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions landing a couple of weeks later. The console update will include an option to turn on 60 fps. This is a test that will become a permanent feature in the future.

Note that Hi-Rez Studios is running a Gem Storm event this weekend from April 8 at 5 a.m. ET through April 11 at 5 a.m. ET. Players on all three platforms will have the opportunity to earn 40 Gems by completing the first three wins of each day.

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