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Meet Smite’s First God From The Celtic Pantheon, The Morrigan

by Joel Santana


After weeks of speculation on who Hi-Rez Studios will add as the first god for the recently announced Celtic pantheon, has finally been announced during the Hi-Rez Expo event.

Meet The Morrigan, “The Phantom Queen” who will be the first god of the new Celtic pantheon and Smite’s 84th playable character overall. Who will be placed in the mage role when she joins the rest of the cast once patch 3.25 hits in the very near future.

As for her abilities, The Morrigan is a very interesting character to say the least thanks to her kit and is definitely a first for Hi-Rez Studios. As she utilizes interesting abilities such as a being able to summon clones of yourself to being able to transform into a god that’s currently in the match regardless of being friend or foe and being able to use their whole kit, ultimate ability  included.

Below you’ll find information on her whole kit, including her passive and ultimate:

  • Doomsayer: The third hit of The Morrigan’s hit chain will explode dealing damage to all enemies within it’s range and dooming all enemies hit. Doomed enemies will take additional damage over time. (passive)
  • Deadly Aspects: Summons her alternate forms to her side and when activated again they will focus their damage and power to damage and stun enemies in front of them.
  • Dark Omen: Launch a wave of dark magic at your enemies dealing damage and applying an omen for a short period of time. Enemies who have been hit by an omen will receive bonus damage from your team mates.
  • Confusion: Creates a phantom of yourself that charges to the target area and becoming invisible. If the phantom receives any damage it will be destroyed and you will lose the increased moving speed.
  • Changeling: Activating your ultimate grants you the power to pick and chose any god in the match and transform into them. Doing so you will gain all of their abilities including having access to their ultimate and the current items.

Additionally, Hi-Rez has also released a lore video for The Morrigan which gives some background information on the up coming god and a in-game look at her abilities. You can check out the video by clicking here.

For more information on what will come to Smite with the 3.25 patch including changes to both the Clash and Conquest maps as well as the new in-game event “Path Of The Phantom Queen” which will be free for Twitch Prime members check back with us.

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