So You Want to Run GTA V at 4K? Here’s What You’ll Need

by AOTF Staff

GTA V finally hits PC next week and it’s bringing a handful of additions as well as plenty of visual enhancements. One such available enhancement that has the PC community excited is the ability to run the game at a 4K resolution. Because who wants to settle for 1080p, right? That’s old news.

You’re here reading this because you want to put your rig to the test, validate that 4K monitor purchase, and rocket past the offerings of current-gen consoles. Well, here’s what you will need to achieve that goal in GTA V, as told by Rockstar Toronto’s president:

“To run the game on a 4K display at 30fps you’ll need at minimum an AMD HD 7870 or Nvidia GTX 760 with 2GB of VRAM,” said Kevin Hoare. But who’s satisfied stopping at that cinematic 30 frames-per-second? Not you, obviously. A “high-end SLI or Crossfire setup” is what Rockstar suggests to gloriously increase those frames.

In all seriousness, GTA V on PC hosts a wide array of graphics options which will allow each player to customize their experience and find that sweet spot between quality and performance. How do you expect your configuration to fair at a truly next-gen resolution? Share your goals/hopes in the comments section below.