SOCOM & M.A.G. to lose online support in the months ahead

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by William Schwartz

It was a good run for the Socom and MAG shooters on the PlayStation 3, but that time is coming to an end.  Sony is set to shutter the online services for these games in late-January.  MAG, SOCOM: Confrontation, and SOCOM 4 will all be shut down and put out to pasture on January 28th, according to a recent tweet from Sony.

For MAG and Confrontation, this of course means that these games won’t work anymore because there’s no offline mode.  SOCOM 4 on the other hand will at least still have an offline mode (as bad as it may be).

MAG was a big deal for the PlayStation 3 this generation.  But the persistent massive scale shooter didn’t quite catch on like some had hoped.

Just a heads up for those looking for deals following the holiday season, don’t go snatching up MAG or SOCOM just because its dirt cheap in the bargin bin, unless you’re looking for fashionable coasters that is.

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