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Some Lines In The Deadpool Movie Were Too Dirty And Rude To Be Added

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Even though the upcoming Deadpool movie is R rated, this didn’t stop the director and writers from cutting a few lines. Some of the lines had to be cut or rewritten as they felt it was too inappropriate even for an R rated audience.

IGN had a chance to catch up with T.J. Miller who plays Weasel in the Deadpool movie. As this movie is a rude comedy, you know there will be some jokes that cross the barrier so to speak. However, there were some topics that they had to stay clear from to avoid offending even more people.

Miller said Fox actually prevented him from saying everything that has been cut in the film, but he tried his best to tell us areas and pieces of dialogue that had to be removed. He did mention that some of the dialogue was “faux racist” and some of the lines in the movie were “so dark“.

An example he gave of a dark piece of dialogue is actually in the final cut of the film. It’s when Weasel tells Deadpool that he’s going to die alone and he hopes that he does for other people’s sake. Some other ridiculous piece of dialogue is when they mentioned someone’s balls being wrapped around a person’s face.

We can be sure that the Deadpool movie won’t be light on the jokes as the comic book character himself talks trash all the time. The funnier parts of the movie will be when Deadpool breaks the 4th wall and mocks other comic book characters.

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