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Some New Info About Scalebound Flies In

by | @jblrules316 | on June 5, 2015


Some small new information about Scalebound has now been revealed on the game’s official website.

PlatinumGames’ official website posted some details on the story of Scalebound. Google translate offers a very rough translation, but I’ll try my best to write it in a more coherent way. Some other online translation tools have similar things to say, but Google seems to be the most accurate one.

The story summary for Scalebound says:

Director Hideki Kamiya from Platinum games invites you to a new adventure that unravels in Scalebound. Yet a lot has still been unseen by a lot of the Earth. A lot of danger will await in the magnificent journey. Therefore, you will encounter a flock of formidable behemoth that has made the Earth tremor. Only the Holy Dragon Beast of Zekkyo can compete with the overwhelming devastation.

“He” and your bond is what will be the last hope for survival in this world”

Apologies if this translation is a little off, but this summary of Scalebound does give you a background of the story. Judging from what we have seen from the game before, the main character does bond with a dragon.

The story pretty much suggests a lot of evil beasts roam the Earth and only the Dragon and the main character are tough enough to beat them. It sounds like both the Dragon and main character will have a special bond of some kind.

Hopefully PlatinumGames and Microsoft will share more details about Scalebound at E3 2015.

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