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Some Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Games Have Received Performance Updates

by Damian Seeto


It was noted a few weeks ago that some Xbox One backwards compatible Xbox 360 games weren’t working properly. Now it appears an update has been made to make the games run much smoother than before.

This is according to many users on Reddit that have tried out Xbox One compatible Xbox 360 games. The main poster noted that games like Banjo Nuts and Bolts, Dirt Showdown, and Fable 2 run more smoothly than before.

As for Halo: Reach, users are reporting it’s playing better as well.  Players claim, “it runs better and it looks like they turned back on the anti-aliasing

OnlySp reported on the topic too and noted the same improvements over several Xbox 360 games. The website tested out Gears of War 3 a few weeks ago and noticed the frame rate was running very low. They popped open the game again and said it was “running better now

All these reports are encouraging as it shows that Microsoft has been listening to the feedback. Many people that played Halo: Reach on the Xbox One noted its many technical issues. Now it appears an update has been made so more Xbox 360 games run better than before.

Microsoft will continue to add more Xbox 360 games on the list of backwards compatible games. More should be announced this month.

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