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Sony Adding Two-Factor Authentication To PlayStation Network

by Mike Guarino


Sony is no stranger to having security issues, with the PlayStation Network falling victim to several attacks that have caused both the company and its fans multiple headaches. However, we now know that the company is taking strides to improve the security and try and reduce the headaches for everyone involved.

Speaking with Polygon, a Sony spokesperson revealed that it will be bringing two-factor authentication to the service. They said that this is being done in order to “further safeguard our users and their accounts,” though the representative goes on to say that “more details will be shared at a later date.”

For those who don’t know, a two-factor authentication process has you enter in something like a traditional login password and then a code. It’s more of a hassle to get into your own account, but not as much of a hassle as it is dealing with your account when it’s been hacked.

Interestingly, the reveal of the two-factor authentication comes exactly 5 years after the infamous PSN hack that caused Sony to shut it down temporarily, with the outage lasting over 3 weeks.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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