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Sony allowing unlimited PS4 pre-orders at GameStop

by William Schwartz


Reports are suggesting that Sony is allowing GameStop to take unlimited pre-orders for the PlayStation 4, beyond the company’s prior allotments. Despite conflicting reports that suggest Sony will be behind the curve in manufacturing enough consoles to meet demand.

The report comes from an internal memo at GameStop, which reads:

“Starting now, through this weekend and until further notice, Sony has allowed us to take unlimited pre-orders beyond your current allotments. In other words, the flood gates are open for PS4 system reserves, we will let you know when to stop preordering based on limited quantities.”

The memo also touches on Xbox One pre-order allocations, and it looks like the retailer has secured more supply from Microsoft as well.

“Yesterday we started a fresh allotment of units for your store to pre-order as a result of receiving more Xbox One, Day One Edition SKU. **Do NOT exceed the grand total amount that you can reserve up to on Xbox One.”

Just how long the company will be able to meet unlimited demand is unseen, considering just days ago Sony executives warned of PS4 shortages.

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