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Sony alludes to free FIFA 14 on Xbox One as a move of desperation

by William Schwartz


When Microsoft announced that it would be giving away the most popular sports games in the world for free with every Xbox One, gamers on the fence whether to buy the PS4 or Xbox One took notice. The price difference between the two console got an awful lot smaller with the inclusion of FIFA 14 in Europe, but Sony’s Jim Ryan thinks it’s a little odd.

“Giving away free stuff on day one is kind of odd,” says Sony CEO

“Why should we do that? Our problem is gonna be matching supply to demand. It’s perfectly rational when a platform holder, or indeed publisher, runs a preorder campaign to engage in promotional behavior to dial it up if you feel it’s not where you need to be… We’re perfectly happy with where our preorders are,” said Ryan in an interview with Metro.

“Giving away stuff on day one of a new platform launch, in my mind it’s kind of odd.”

With the launch windows closing in for both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, it’s getting harder and harder to find availability for the consoles. The addition of FIFA 14 has probably given Microsoft a boost. Meanwhile Sony has been warning consumers for months that it would likely face shortages of consoles come holiday 2013.

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