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Sony Basically Calls The PS Vita An Old Console

by Damian Seeto


The future of the PS Vita console doesn’t look that bright with Sony labeling it as an older console.

As reported by GameIndustry, , Sony Computer Entertainment, Andrew House, was speaking at the Investor Relations Day. He kind of admitted that the PS Vita isn’t a popular platform in the West.

House said the PS Vita remains “strong and vibrant” in both Asia and Japan. However, the outlook of the console in North America and Europe has been declining. He referred the PS Vita and the PlayStation TV (which only came out last year) as “legacy platforms“.

Calling the PS Vita and the PlayStation TV as “legacy platforms” is a nice way of saying they’re old consoles. Support for the two platforms will remain in Asia and Japan. However, it sounds they will not have strong support in the near future for Western owners.

The PS Vita is a great console, however sales were never that strong for it like its predecessor the PSP. The system did have some great exclusives, but new games started to dwindle as the years went by. Now it’s a device people mainly use for Remote Play on the PS4. Other use it just to play small indie games.

Are you sad that the PS Vita is now being called a “legacy platform”?

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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