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Sony believes that publishers will follow their lead with PS4 DRM

by William Schwartz


Sony believes that they’ve sent a very clear message with their stance on PS4 DRM.  Their message was recieved better than that of the Xbox One, and because of this, the company believes that publishers may follow suit when the PlayStation 4 launches later this year.  Scott Rhode of Sony Worldwide Studios says that Sony’s firm stance on the subject could be a flag that others rally around.

The house almost came down with cheers.  Publishers heard that

These publishers heard the message loud and clear at the Sony press conference, according to Rhode.  “The house almost came down with all the cheers, they heard that.  They heard it loud and clear and they saw the reaction to what our friends in green talked about.  I think it’s pretty clear that we’ve set a nice precedent.”

Following the press conference announcements, Sony did clarify that publishers could use their own DRM measures on the PS4, but Rhode believes that this isn’t likely.

“Quite frankly it would be pretty surprising to me to see a third party come up with some way to set a new set of DRM rules that were able to act on top of that.”

Whether or not developers and publishers will rally around Sony’s gamer first message is yet to be seen.  Recently, EA announced that it is currently formulating its plans for selling software on the Xbox One and PS4.  Meanwhile, gamers wait patiently for the next generation to arrive.  Both Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4 are gearing for a holiday release.

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