EA still working on Xbox One used game policy

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EA is currently in the process of figuring out its used game policy on the Xbox One.  Following the reveal of the new console’s controversial restrictions that allow publishers to determine the sharing and resale functionality of next-gen games, EA has announced that is currently looking into their policies.   Apparently, EA is still trying to get to the best possible solution for gamers and publishers.

We will definitely be looking at the gamer first, says EA

Speaking in an investor meeting at E3 2013, EA’s Frank Gibeau explained that their stance isn’t 100% set in stone, and that the company is still “formulating” their policy.

“EA has a position of looking at used games from a user standpoint and a gamer standpoint.  We will definitely be looking at gamer-first and creating an opportunity to have a relationship with used games such that it’s a positive experience.”

According to the Wall Street Journal, EA will announce this policy in the coming weeks.   And depending on how strict the guidelines are, EA could come out of this next generation fiasco smelling like a rose.  Gibeau also noted that Sony was having a great E3 in relaying their gamers first message.  “Sony’s really striking the right balance,” the executive explained.

Sony also came out and said that publishers would ultimate decide on a lot of the restrictions for their third party titles on the PS4, a move that differs from Microsoft in that the Xbox One will have restrictions at the system level.

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