Attack of the Fanboy

Sony fans voice disgust after GDC presentation

by Bill Hess


Sony’s GDC presentation was pretty good so I thought.  Having watched the whole thing on Ustream while following along to Kotaku’s play by play commentary of the action, I enjoyed it.  There were no major announcements and I guess that Sony is saving the big guns for E3 in a couple of months.  What was the most surprising was that immediately following the stream of the presentation the Sony faithful watching, erupted into a ball of hate directed at, for the most part, the content of the presentation.  Viewers were not pleased with how some of the games looked, most often referred was the Socom demonstration.  The image above is a representation of what went on for about 15 minutes straight.  Very rarely did you have someone chime in and say anything positive about the presentation and many seemed to think that it was a “failure” and that aside from God of War III, 2010 was starting to look a little bleak.

Personally I don’t know what they were so up in arms about.  Although Move will be launching fairly shortly, it’s a little unrealistic to think that the Triple A experiences that Sony fans are used, are going to be translated into games that work with the Move controller at this stage in the products life.

What say you? Was the press conference at GDC any good?  How does Move look to you?

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