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Sony imposing objectionable content rules on PS4 developers

by William Schwartz


It looks like Sony is going to be watching what indie developers are releasing on the PlayStation 4 very closely. Today at the PlayStation Open Day, developers were made aware of a content policy for self-published games on the platform.

According to Sony, Objectionable content on the PS4 should adhere to regional OCC rules. A slideshow presentation revealed guidelines for this.

“We don’t allow sadistic violence, sexually explicit content, children in an abusive context, extremely profane or obscene acts, glamorization of substance abuse, negative racial, gender or religious stereotypes or disability, disrespectful use of religious symbolism and beliefs or content likely to reflect adversely on the name and reputation of Sony.”

Will Freeman posted an image from the presentation via Twitter, where developers and observers have already begun objecting to the objectionable content guidelines.

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