Sony Posts More Job Listings for Insomniac

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Sony has been very busy these past few days. Along with creating a brand new studio for making their own TV and Film’s based on their IP’s, the company has also posted some job listings on Linkedin for one of their most profitable third party studios, Insomniac Games. While this not all that unusual, to see multiple job postings in the span of one day is a sign that the developer is planning on creating a new game, and sometimes brand new IP.

Two of the listings in particular, for the Senior Audio Designer, and the Audio Designer, both point out that they have a Fixed Term Contract for onsite work at Insomniac directly. Both listings state that they are “Responsible for being an active and key contributor for the creative direction and style for audio assets and workflow processes throughout a production cycle. Creates, edits, and implements game-ready audio. Works closely with the rest of the audio team to maintain a high level of quality and consistency of assets.”

Basically, this means that whoever gets these jobs will be working at Insomniac Games in person, but will technically be under contract with Sony themselves. This demonstrates that Insomniac is still acting as an independent studio, although all of their successful titles have been under the PlayStation banner. Regardless, these listings open up a plethora of ideas that could potentially lead to a brand new game for the PS4, or maybe, the PlayStation 5.

Insomniac hit it out of the park last year with the PS4 exclusive Spider-Man which went onto have critical acclaim and win multiple game of the year awards. It wouldn’t be such a stretch to see Sony mandate another entry in the series, although it will be very hard to top the most recent one. Another possibility is we may get another Ratchet and Clank title, after all the 2016 iteration was another excellent game that garnered universal praise. Either way, Insomniac has a lot of Sony IP’s under their belt, and whichever project these listings are for, we’ll be waiting with bated breadth for their announcement.

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