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Sony Teases Big Playstation Announcement for Gamescom

by Kyle Hanson

Gamescom is coming up next week in Cologne, Germany and all the big guns are teasing some huge announcements. Microsoft kicked it off a few days ago with their trailer promising a lot of great stuff, and today Sony has fired back with two teasers hinting at…something. What that something is, I’m really not sure, but it seems to involve ice and an ax.

The first trailer, which can be viewed above, was released earlier today and is a bit more general with its teasing Simply showing random people playing games on their Playstation 3, PS4, or PS Vita. It closes with the warning “don’t miss it” and reveals the time and date of Sony’s upcoming presentation. That will take place on August 12th at 6pm BST which would be 1pm Eastern.

The second video is where things get a bit more interesting. Simply titled “It’s Coming” the video shows an ax striking a stump followed by ice cracking. Speculation has been running wild since the video’s premiere, with guesses ranging from plausible to totally insane.

Upcoming indie game Until Dawn is a pretty safe bet, since it was leaked earlier that the game would be announced for PS4 at Gamescom. Some other guesses include Resident Evil 7, Alan Wake, God of War 4, and the extremely wishful The Last of Us 2. 

Sadly with so little to go on it is anyone’s guess at this point, but my money is on Until Dawn. The game takes place in a log cabin, so pretty much everything here matches up, such as the ice, snow, and wood chopping.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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