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Sony working on PS4, not giving up on PlayStation 3

by William Schwartz


Work is well underway for the next generation of Sony PlayStation hardware. While balancing the creation of the new PlayStation 4 hardware, the PS Vita and PlayStation 3, Sony has their hands full at the moment. Fergal Gera of PlayStation UK explained that while Sony has their eyes on the next generation PS4, it also believes that the current generation offerings haven’t even peaked.

“We’re nowhere close to giving up on PS3,” Gera told CVG. “If you look at PS3, it’s holding up a lot better than others, so it warrants support…PS3 hasn’t even peaked yet.”

2013 is closing in, and many industry insiders and analysts conclude that this is the year for Microsoft and Sony to announce their next generation hardware. With publishers looking to capitalize on a new hardware push, and gamers looking to the future for new experiences, time will tell if Sony is actually going to announce anything this year. We’ll likely have a clearer picture of what 2013 will hold once the important holiday sales season comes to a close.

Nintendo is getting ready to launch their next-generation HD offering with the Wii U, and the console is already sold out in North America. Seeing this type of demand, Sony and Microsoft may be more willing to step into the next generation if the Wii U is a success.

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