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Sony Working To Release More AAA PS4 Exclusive Games

by Damian Seeto


Sony is intending to work hard on releasing more AAA PS4 exclusives in the near future.

Eurogamer interviewed Shuhei Yoshida recently on the state of the PS4’s AAA first party exclusives. Yoshida admitted there’s still more “work to do” because gamers “constantly ask us for the big exclusive triple-A games“.

Eurogamer took things further asking about PS4’s Christmas lineup compared to the Xbox One. He said Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection should be treated as their big first-party exclusive game this Christmas.

Yoshida even said the company is not releasing “new triple-A titles this Christmas” but there have been numerous smaller games released in 2015. He also named Bloodborne and Until Dawn as games that new console owners can still pick up. Not to mention there are a ton of third-party games still available for the system too.

Yoshida said PS4 fans should look forward to next year though with Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End out next March. 2016 will also see the release of The Last Guardian and the impressive looking Horizon: Zero Dawn as well. Gravity Rush 2 is another game due out in 2016 with a remaster of the original game coming out soon as well.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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