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Sounds Like PS4 Neo Won’t Be Announced At E3 2016

by Damian Seeto


Many people expected Sony to announce the PS4 Neo console next week at E3 2016. Now it sounds like Sony will be saving its announcement at a later date.

The Financial Times had a chance to interview Andrew House and he confirmed that the PS4 Neo is in development. He called it a “high-end” PS4 that will be more expensive than the current one that sells for $350.

He says the new console won’t replace the old one as it is intended to target hardcore gamers more interested in higher resolution content. The company intends to sell both products simultaneously during their lifetimes.

House confirmed that Sony will not be revealing the PS4 Neo next week at E3 2016. He also refused to say when it will be announced and how much it will cost.

He later confirmed that all future PS4 games should support the original model and a large majority of games will make use of the PS4 Neo’s extra power. In other words, people don’t have to worry about the new machine replacing anything.

It’s possible Sony will be announcing it at Gamescom instead as rumors suggest the new console will be displayed at this year’s Tokyo Games Show too.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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