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Sounds Like Until Dawn 2 Could Happen Based On Fan Feedback

by Damian Seeto


It sounds like there could be an Until Dawn 2 based on some tweets that Supermassive Games made this month.

The first tweet happened on September 1st where it said: “RT: If you would like a sequel to Until Dawn! #PS4 ” The game was surprise hit when it came out and it was trending on YouTube last month.

Supermassive Games took the sequel talk even further by tweeting yesterday: “If #UntilDawn2 happens. Which #UntilDawn character would you like to see return the most?

It’s safe to say that Supermassive Games is happy with the reception that the first game has been receiving and would love to make another game for it.

This is interesting though because its genre has never received a sequel before. Similar games like Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls never had sequels because it would be difficult to do so based on the multiple endings and outcomes.

I’m not going to spoil anything about Until Dawn here, but let’s just say there are many outcomes that can happen in the game both good and bad. It will be interesting to see a sequel if they choose to stick with the same characters.

It’s most likely Until Dawn 2 could always focus on different characters and events. The story might be too predictable if it sticks to the same setting.

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