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Spelunker Z’s Latest Collaboration is with Secret of Mana

by William Schwartz


Following in the footsteps of Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris, Square Enix has decided to do a crossover between Spelunker Z and Secret of Mana.

The crossover adds the three main characters of Secret of Mana as unlockable costume sets in Spelunker Z.


The first set is based off Primm and is unlocked by collecting lithograph ores on stage 1-6 through 1-10. The head increases fan power and score, where as the body protects you from flames, pendulum rocks and gas with the weapon increasing the amount of flares you start with and protects you from bat droppings.


Randi’s set can be found by collecting lithograph ores on stage 2-1 through 2-5 and offers more practical perks. These include snake and bat resistance on the head, the chest increasing the amount of flash and dynamite you start with and a small boost in experience gained, with the sword granting you increased dynamite range and resistance.


The final set based off Popoi can be found on stage 3-1 through 3-5 and offers more varied perks. The head gear grants spider, gas and pendulum rock resistance, with the body increasing your score and snake resistance and a wand that increases the range, power of the fan, while also decreasing its energy consumption.

To celebrate the collaboration all Secret of Mana items are twice as likely to appear via digging dog from now till August 18, 2015. Following that the event will end on September 9, 2015, so make sure to act fast if you want to increase your chances of obtaining these items.

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