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Spider-Man: Miles Morales Box Art Shows that PS5 Games Will Look Pretty Familiar

And that's just fine

by Kyle Hanson


If you’ve never experienced the launch of a new console before you may not understand the frothing excitement that fans get at these major shifts in the gaming landscape. While to many it may seem like you’re just swapping one piece of hardware for another, seasoned veterans understand the magnitude of these generational changes. Everything shifts in some way, but sometimes not all that much. This is the case with the box art for PS5 games, which seem like they’ll feel pretty familiar if you’ve been picking up PS4 games at retail.

As you can see above and on the PlayStation Blog, the Spider-Man: Miles Morales box art has been revealed. As the first PS5 game to mark this occassion it also means it’s our first good look at what PS5 games will look like on store shelves. And really, it looks like the same as a PS4 game, just with a white PS5 logo replacing the current one. Is that a problem? Not one bit. Retail games have mostly looked the same for a while, with minor changes due to format or material concerns. Otherwise we’ve had DVD and Blu-ray cases for the last few generations and that seems like it will continue at least one more time.

Will the PS6 offer the same visuals for its retail game boxes? Will it even offer them? The PS5 features an entire model that lacks a disc drive, so actually buying physical games and their boxes seems like it’s finally on the way out after years of speculation. But us physical game collectors have one more generation to buy our favorite games on a disc so let’s enjoy this ritual one more time.

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