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Spider-Man PS4 Will Not Be At The Game Awards Or PSX

by Dean James


Sony had another stellar E3 with their PlayStation press conference showing off many games that will be coming out for PS4. One of those was a rumored Spider-Man game we’d heard about and expected to see more of at PSX later this year, but sadly we won’t be learning more until 2017 it sounds like.

We were surprised to learn at E3 that the Spider-Man PS4 game was coming from Insomniac Games instead of the rumored Sucker Punch, but the developer seems like a perfect fit for the game and has been very transparent with the community through Twitter.

They have especially been good at giving information about when new information and such will come out, with the latest actually revealing where the game won’t be making an appearance.

“Hey, Web-Heads! We’re not showing new content at PSX/The Game Awards, but we’re hard at work on cool stuff to share in 2017!”

This is definitely pretty disappointing, as you would think that one of the biggest upcoming Sony games would be shown off at PSX. So far we’ve only seen a quick trailer, so this really does kind of make you wonder how far off the game really is.

Unless they just decide to release a trailer by itself, it’s sounding more like we may not see more from Spider-Man PS4 until E3 2017, where it would almost have to be playable on the show floor you would think. We’ll have to wait and see next year though.

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