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Spider-Man’s New Game+, Ultimate Difficulty Now Available

Photo Mode also gets some new features.

by Dylan Siegler


One of the most celebrated games of the year so far is Marvel’s Spider-Man, which came out last month to heavy praise across the industry. Developer Insomniac Games is intent, however, on keeping gamers interested in the game for months to come, even for those who’ve already beaten the main campaign.

The 1.07 and 1.08 patches for Spider-Man were recently made available, which add some new features to the game. Most notably, the patches add a New Game+ mode, so those who want to re-live the story without giving up their experience or gadgets can do so. Another big addition is that of the Ultimate difficulty level, adding a new level of challenge for those who’ve beaten the game on Friendly, Amazing, and Spectacular difficulty modes. The patches also add two more Trophies to the game and some updates to Photo Mode, including new frames and stickers, the ability to rotate layers, and an easier way to access Photo Mode by simply pressing the left directional button. Various bugs and glitches were also fixed as part of the patches.

The patches also add support for Spider-Man‘s first DLC, “The Heist,” which will add a new story chapter featuring Black Cat and three new suits. “The Heist” will become available next week on October 23.

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