Attack of the Fanboy

Spike VGA’s Full of Fail

by William Schwartz


I’m gonna go ahead and put my neck out here and say that I like the VGA’s.  Do I wish they represented the community a little better?  Sure.   But, all in all having a major cable network cover the hobby that we love is a good thing.

I can remember a time where this just wasn’t the case, and gaming news and announcements came solely from Electronic Gaming Monthly, at least mine did.  There was a lack of media involvement in the hobby, and now that is definitely not the case.

It’s not surprising that the VGA ratings are dropping faster than a turd made of stone in the toilet bowl of life.  This marks the fourth consecutive year, and it’s pretty clear why people don’t tune into it.  It’s an embarrassment, a spectacle, and the people that are die hard enough to actually tune in to see who wins Game of the Year, are the ones who are embarrassed to be watching it.

Ratings fell from 647,000 in 2009 to 627,000 in 2010.  Not a huge decrease, but not one you would expect from the most popular entertainment medium on the planet.

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