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Splatoon Accessories Are Coming To Miitomo Starting Next Week

by Dean James


We are approaching the one month anniversary of the release of Miitomo in the US, with the social media like app getting a lot of attention since release. The game features a lot of clothing and accessories that you can purchase for your Mii, but now the game is introducing items based off of one of Nintendo’s other young franchises, Splatoon.

Splatoon released last May to much acclaim and success with sales, so Nintendo knows they have a winner already with characters like the Inklings. Now, Nintendo has revealed through the official Miitomo website that Splatoon will be coming to Miitomo next week starting on April 27.

Starting on this day, special Splatoon themed stages will be available in Miitomo Drop, which you can then play using coins or game tickets, which will provide you with special Splatoon accessories as seen above.

The Miitomo shop is also getting something Splatoon related, as you can redeem coins for Squid pens, with special ink tank reward items that can be redeemed through My Nintendo.

In addition, there will be a special Splatoon retweet event for Miitomo, where all users of the app will receive a Splatoon wig for use in Miitomo based on how many retweets it gets. If it reaches 10,000, you get an Inkling Boy Wig, while 20,000 will get everyone both a Inkling Boy and Inkling Girl Wig. The retweet contest period will last until April 26, with you being eligible if you sign into Miitomo anytime between April 27 and May 29.

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