Splatoon Getting Two More Free Maps This Week, Updates Promised Through January 2016

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During today’s Nintendo Direct Nintendo announced that Splatoon will be getting two brand new maps, along with some additional clothing options in a pair of updates that will hit later today and tomorrow. The maps, named Mahi-Mahi Resort and Museum d’Alfonsina will arrive as part of these updates, which should be released at 8pm Eastern Time today and 9pm Tomorrow.

The maps look to be fairly complex when compared to previous Splatoon maps, with Museum d’Alfonsina featuring a rotating inner area, and Mahi-Mahi Resort having some interesting elements based around water.

Water surrounds the map, presenting players with challenging navigation throughout the game. On top of this, some parts of the map will be submerged at different times of the match. This not only changes the way the players can move throughout the map, it also makes for interesting strategies surrounding your ink usage. There’s no way to mark sections of the map that are underwater, and if they get submerged later, your ink will be wiped out.

Splatoon has had a robust amount of free updates since it launched in late May. Nintendo promised updates up to this August, but they have extended that till January of 2016. New maps, weapons, and gear will arrive as a part of these updates, so expect the big additions and changes to keep coming for some time.

Splatoon is available now for Wii U.

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