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Square-Enix Announcing New Action Game At Tokyo Game Show

by Anthony Decicco


Square-Enix seems to be working on a lot of titles as of late between Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts, Deus Ex, World Of Final Fantasy and more. Well, it looks like they aren’t done and are ready to add another notch to the upcoming release belt at this years Tokyo Game Show later this month.

Square-Enix has recently teased an upcoming action game on their TGS page, no word on what it is yet of course as it is set to be announced at the event. September 15th at 13:00 local JPN time to be exact. Speculation has run rampant on forums and NeoGaf  where fans have been hoping for Bouncer 2, Parasite Eve and even oddball requests like a new Mana game or a Final Fantasy Musou. I am hoping for a Sleeping Dogs 2, but that is very unlikely to be announced at Tokyo Game Show.

Fans will be able to follow Tokyo Game Show 2016 starting September 15th running through September 18th. Hopefully something awesome comes out of this announcement as I am sure fans are wishing their favorite franchise gets a new sequel.

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