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Square Enix Gives An Update On Kingdom Hearts 3

by Damian Seeto


Square Enix has now given an update on how development for Kingdom Hearts 3 is going.

The director for Kingdom Hearts 3, Tetsuya Nomura, gave an update to the game during an interview with Official PlayStation UK magazine. PSU provided tidbits from the interview.

Nomura said development for the game’s “basic systems and mechanics” are near to complete. However, he said there will need to be additional work to be done on other areas since this game is in HD now.

Nomura said the state of mini-games and other areas in Kingdom Hearts 3 have varying stages of development. Some areas are near to complete and are polished, but others are still in the planning phases and have not been done yet. He ended by saying the “basic structure of what’s going to go in the game is set“.

It’s good to know progress in being made to the game, although we may not see the game’s release date anytime soon. Square Enix looks like it might want to release Final Fantasy XV first before Kingdom Hearts 3. Not to mention the Final Fantasy 7 Remake looms in the background as well.

We might hear more info about the game next month during the D23 event in Anaheim, California. There’s also another D23 event scheduled in Japan in November too.

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