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Square Enix Launches New Line of Figures With Kingdom Hearts 3’s Sora

by Jose Belmonte


The release of Kingdom Hearts 3 might be in the distance, but that is not going to stop fans from bringing Sora home this summer. Square Enix is launching a new line of articulated action figures called Bring Arts, with the main protagonist of Kingdom Hearts serving as the first one of the series to be released in August.

The action figure is 6”, and thanks to its multiple articulated joints it is able to adopt most of the usual poses that the character takes in the videogames. The package also includes Sora’s keyblade in two of its forms, and multiple variations of its head and hands, allowing the owners to customize their figure with different face expressions and gestures.

In the official description the company also highlights the attention to detail in the paint work, recreating the bright contrasts in colors in the clothes and the weapons.

The Sora Bring Arts action figure will be release this August, at a price of $69.99 for North America. Fans can pre-order the figure from the official website now. Kingdom Hearts 3 received a new trailer earlier this month, while it will get another one during the D23 event in July.

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