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Star Citizen shows off the Anvil Aerospace Hornet

by William Schwartz

As Chris Roberts’ Star Citizen inches further towards its late 2014 release date the game continues to look as dazzling as ever.

The latest in a never ending stream of promotional videos for the upcoming space combat and trading simulation shows off the Anvil Aerospace Hornet, which has logged “more combat time and kills in war theaters than any other ship in the history of space combat.”


Star Citizen has secured 23 million in funding so far, an achievement in and of itself, and hopes are high that Star Citizen can fulfill all of the space-simulation fantasies of the hardcore PC gaming crowd.

Interested gamers should follow Roberts Space Industries’ channel on Youtube and their homepage for frequent development updates as one of the greater achievements of crowdfunding unfolds before our eyes.

- This article was updated on:March 7th, 2018

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