Star Wars: Battlefront Aims To Look Good On PC, PS4 And Xbox One

by Damian Seeto

DICE wants to make sure Star Wars: Battlefront looks good on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The team doesn’t want the game to look “bad” on any system.

Industry insider, Tidux, caused quite a stir this week claiming the PC version is the lead platform for Star Wars: Battlefront. He went on to say in other tweets that the Xbox One version might be inferior in terms of its graphics.

DICE’s Dennis Branvall has now spoken on Twitter about what we can expect to see from Star Wars: Battlefront’s graphics. He said: “The goal should be excellence on all three platforms. I played it on PS4 today, yesterday was XB1, tomorrow is PC“.

This is good news for Star Wars: Battlefront fans as DICE isn’t treating one platform as being the “inferior” of the bunch. Hopefully all three versions of the game look really good.

He did say we will know the platform that is being used on the debut gameplay trailer for Star Wars: Battlefront. It’s speculated that the PC version of the game will be shown, although DICE could use the PS4 or Xbox One versions if the graphics are great on all systems.

Branvall is unsure about the framerate for Star Wars: Battlefront yet. He only mentioned on Twitter that it’s too early to discuss about technical details like that.