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Star Wars: Battlefront II gameplay leaks ahead of EA Play 2017

by Asher Madan


Will the E3 leaks ever stop? I don’t think so. Publishers spend a lot of time trying to surprise gamers but others aren’t that careful. It looks like footage from a YouTuber’s channel leaked early and was posted to various forms of social media and video-sharing websites. The gameplay clearly shows Star Wars: Battlefront II in all of its glory. The visuals and animations have received the biggest upgrades in my opinion.

Once you view the footage, you immediately notice the gorgeous reflections. If you observe how the characters move, particularly their falling animations and arm movements, they’re much more realistic than what we saw in the first game a few years ago. Star Wars: Battlefront’s heroes were more like wooden figures than anything else. Star Wars: Battlefront II’s heroes are much more natural. DICE really have addressed many of the concerns players had with the original.

Lastly, we still don’t know much about the game’s single-player story. Will it be like Battlefield 1’s missions? Hopefully it’s just not a haphazardly-put-together endeavor. Here’s hoping EA manages to surprise us later today at EA Play 2017. The event starts in a few hours and the publisher has promised a few surprises. For example, they might tease BioWare’s new franchise alongside two other Star Wars games. We’ll just have to find out then. Star Wars: Battlefront II is also rumored to run at native 4K 60 FPS on Project Scorpio! However, that announcement will probably take place tomorrow at Microsoft’s event.

Leaked Star Wars: Battlefront II Footage

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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