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Star Wars Battlefront Is Getting Prices Slashed All Over The Place

by Jelani James


With Star Wars Battlefront II coming in a few months, EA DICE seems to be drumming up some hype for the upcoming title by reducing the prices of its predecessor, Star Wars Battlefront, on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One — especially if you are a member of either platform’s paid subscription service.

Before going any further, do note that these prices appear to only be applicable in Europe so far. As for North America, prices on the Xbox Marketplace has been similarly adjusted, but the PlayStation Store hasn’t been updated yet.

Moving on to the actual prices, the Season Pass — which grants access to four expansion packs: Death Star, Outer Rim, Bespin and Rogue One: Scarif, as well as 20 new pieces of galactic tech, 16 new multiplayer maps, an exclusive “shoot first” emote, eight heroes and four new game modes — is now for being offered for free on both the Xbox Marketplace and PlayStation Store, rather than the initial $19.99 asking price.

Both of these deals are available to users regardless of whether they are a Xbox Live Gold or PS Plus subscriber or not, though you will still need said subscriptions to access the game’s online features.

Meanwhile, the Ultimate Edition — which includes everything and the kitchen sink — has seen a similar price cut, with the game going from its original price of $29.99 to a meager $4.50. Unfortunately, Sony doesn’t seem to be offering a similar deal on the PlayStation 4 in Europe (or perhaps is late in doing so), so its unlikely players in North America will be seeing a similar deal.

Compared to the Season Pass offerings, however, you will need an Xbox Live Gold membership to be eligible for this deal.

It’s clear at this point that if you have any intention on getting into the Star Wars Battlefront craze, then this is the perfect time to do so — especially with Star Wars Battlefront II on the horizon. Owners of the base game who were unwilling to shell out cash for the season pass now have free access to it, while those on the Xbox One who opted to skip the game entirely can get it for next to nothing.

There has been no mention of an end date for this sale or if there are any plans to alter it, so hurry up and get in on the deal now before it gets altered any further.

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