Star Wars: Battlefront Readies For Launch

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Star Wars: Battlefront is almost here as fans will finally have their chance to relive famous moments from the popular movies and create narratives of their own in massive online battles.  After a successful beta where fans got their first hands-on experience with the game, DICE and EA have released the obligatory launch trailer ahead of the November 17th release.

This new trailer shows off some new levels, characters, and modes that we’ve yet to see in action.  This includes battles between Princess Leia and Boba Fett, a face-off between Han Solo and Darth Vadar, as well as a showdown between Skywalker and the Emperor.

Capitalizing on the growing swell of excitement surrounding the movies, Star Wars: Battlefront is going to not only allow players to live out these recreated moments from the movies, but obviously make some new ones of their own.

The Star Wars: Battlefront Beta left a gaming community divided.  While some criticized the beta for being unbalanced and lacking depth, many loved it for its beautiful visuals and premise of being set in the Star Wars universe.

You can check out our impressions of Battlefront here, and wait patiently with the rest us for November 17th when Star Wars: Battlefront arrives on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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