Why Star Wars Battlefront Snubbed The Prequel Trilogy

by Damian Seeto

DICE has now spoken out as to why Star Wars Battlefront does not include the prequel trilogy of movies.

Star Wars Battlefront’s producer, Jesper Nielsen, commented on Reddit as to why the game doesn’t have the prequels or Clone Wars.

“Sometimes you have to make choices, and those choices may be hard. We are the ones making the game and have to making hard choices sometimes. One of them was to focus solely on the Original Trilogy. The reasoning I’d rather have someone like Figge comment on”

It may have been because DICE is being forced to work on a strict time table. Star Wars Battlefront needs to be released this year to ride off the hype surrounding The Force Awakens. Sales for the game won’t be so great if it were to be delayed in 2016.

Another reason Star Wars Battlefront doesn’t include the prequels is because nobody likes them. Everyone loves the original trilogy, but they have bad memories of the prequels…

Nielsen also spoke out that Star Wars Battlefront feels “nothing like Battlefield”. He said that’s like comparing Call of Duty to Halo. DICE has really stressed over the last couple of days that Battlefront and Battlefield are totally different.

Star Wars Battlefront releases November 17th for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.