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Star Wars Battlefront Splitscreen Gameplay Screenshot Shown

by Damian Seeto


DICE and EA have now shared the first screenshot of what splitscreen gameplay will look like in Star Wars Battlefront.

As you can see, splitscreen in Star Wars Battlefront gives you two options. You can opt to play from a third-person perspective, or just a first-person perspective.

You can see this is a legit splitscreen gameplay screenshot of Star Wars Battlefront as each player is being two different rebel soldiers. They are both looking at the same Stormtrooper.

Many people were skeptical about Star Wars Battlesfront’s graphics when the first trailer came out. This screenshot gives us an indication that the graphics will still look neat. This is just the splitscreen mode. The graphics are sure to be better during the single player mode.

The battles in Star Wars Battlefront look like they will be insane too. I can see an AT-ST roaming in the background. Those rebel soldiers are going to get killed if they don’t call for any backup soon. Not to mention there are lot of Stormtroopers on the battlefield as well.

It will be interesting to see the other levels in Star Wars Battlefront. EA and DICE have shown a lot of footage from Endor and Hoth lately.

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