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Star Wars Battlefront Update Patch 1.08 Is Out Now

by Damian Seeto


EA and DICE have now released update patch 1.08 for Star Wars Battlefront. The update comes in time to support the new content being released in the Bespin DLC.

The new 1.08 update patch for Star Wars Battlefront is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The Bespin DLC is out for Season Pass owners from today and includes a ton of new stuff including Lando Calrissian, Dengar, a new game mode called “Sabotage” and more. Partial patch notes can be seen below.

General: Partner: Staying close to your partner will provide you with reduced cooldowns for all your Star Cards. This is illustrated via an icon above the in-game soldier. An exclamation mark means that you are too far away, a check mark means you are within distance, and a cross means your partner is dead, Partner: Enemies that kill your partner will have a red outline for a brief period, Partner: The game will now always try to auto assign you a new partner whenever you do not have one in-game. There are also in-game notifications to inform you that you’ve lost a partner and if a new partner has been found, Partner: If you are not able to spawn on your partner there are now written explanations as to why. They are: Partner is in danger, Partner is out of bounds, Partner is inside a vehicle, or Partner is dead, Partner: The distance to enemies that prevent spawning on partner has been reduced from 20m to 2m.

Private Matches: Bespin and Outer Rim maps and game mode have been added to private matches. Limited to owners of Bespin and Outer Rim DLC and Star Wars Battlefront Season pass, Private Matches: Players are now able to select multiple maps and create a custom map rotation, Private Matches: Team switching functionality has been added and is an option that can be toggled by the host, Private matches: Team balance functionality has been added and is an option that can be toggled by the host.

Immortality: The immortality issue that could occur when spawning in to vehicles has been resolved. The time to spawn in to a vehicle has been reduced and players are no longer protected by immortality during this time period, Social Hub: Resolved the issue related to players getting disconnected when navigating to a friend’s profile in the social Hub, Rebel Vehicles: Added a modifier to X-Wing, A-Wing, and Millennium Falcon weapon energy when the shield is active. While active, weapons deal 25% less damage than what they do when the shields are not active, Team Scramble: Added functionality for scrambling teams at map change, Team Balance: Fixed various bugs that resulted in that team balance not functioning correctly on small game modes, General: Various minor UI issues, General: Resolved various spectator issues, General: Updated various error messages used in game, General: Updated the localization to resolve various text bugs.”

UI: Enemy Highlights: Enemies will be highlighted if they are inside the player’s crosshair for more than 1 second. The highlight will be removed after the crosshair isn’t on the enemy for 1 second.
Traits: Whenever an enemy has reached the third level with a trait card, it will now be visible above his health bar, Frontend: A Cloud Car has been added in the rotation of FrontEnd objects, Text chat (PC): Has been added to various places in the game, such as loading screens, lobby and End-of-Round, Grenades: Resolved a bug in which there would be two grenade indicators overlapping when throwing a grenade, Text chat (PC): Numpad Enter is no longer used to open the chat. Only regular Enter works, Idle kick: Improvements to the system have been added and there’s now a countdown timer to illustrate when you will get kicked from the round, Idle kick: The system will now observe if players are idle in the deployment screen.

Deploy screen: Spawn on Partner and regular Spawn have switched places in the deployment screen, Event log: Callouts have been added when a Hero suicides or leaves the game, End-of-Round: The summary page has been updated and now displays a few key stats from the concluded round, End-of-Round: Added a “Skip” button in the end-of-round flow, once the next level has loaded, Kill Card: Resolved a bug in which the trait card would occasionally be blank for some players, Hutt Contracts: Resolved the bug that caused completed Hutt Contracts to stay in the end-of-round screen, Hutt Contracts: Resolved a bug in which the Hutt Contract screen would still be present in the rest of the menu, Match Making: Resolved a bug which caused the status to be displayed as “Expanding search to 0% full games”. The matchmaking systems as not affected by this bug as it was purely a visual issue, Community: Added a unique identifier for all developers in-game.

If you want to check out the full patch notes for Star Wars Battlefront, you can do so now by clicking here. Two more DLC packs are due out for the game until the sequel is set to be released sometime in Fall 2017.

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