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Star Wars Battlefront Will Not Support Cross Platform Multiplayer

by Damian Seeto


Console and PC gamers will be segregated for Star Wars Battlefront as cross platform multiplayer will not be supported.

The EA Star Wars Twitter page made the following announcement on Star Wars Battlefront:

If you mean can they play together via cross-platform? Star Wars Battlefront will not support cross-platform functionality.

This answer was in response to a fan wondering if cross platform multiplayer was possible in Star Wars Battlefront. He wanted to know if PC players could play against PS4 gamers.

It’s not too surprising that Star Wars Battlefront does not have any cross platform multiplayer. Only some games have that luxury such as Final Fantasy XIV and the upcoming Street Fighter V.

In related Star Wars Battlefront news, DICE recently posted a huge blog post highlighting how they made the graphics so realistic in the game.

DICE noted that the environment in Star Wars Battlefront will make you feel like you’re actually inside the Star Wars universe. They want players to feel immersed in the diverse planets that are in the game.

In Star Wars Battlefront, you will actually see the ash and soot from the planet Sullust land on your armor. You will also see the ice and frost building up in Hoth plus the mud and water from Endor will react realistically too.

Star Wars Battlefront releases from November 17th, 2015 for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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