Star Wars: Rogue One Movie Could Be Adding “Shadow Troopers”

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Disney/Lucasfilm has recently filed a trademark for “Shadow Troopers”. This might be an indication that this new stormtrooper design will be in the upcoming Star Wars: Rogue One movie.

TMZ reported that the “Shadow Trooper” trademark has been filed for use for just about everything. This includes using the name on things like “clothing, footwear, toys” and more. 

Shadow Troopers have never featured in any of the Star Wars movies before, but they were originally in The Force Unleashed video game. They were pretty much heavily armored troopers that were tougher to kill than the normal Stormtroopers.

Photos have been leaked of the different Stormtrooper helmets that will be in Star Wars: Rogue One. StarWarsNews noted that the Shadow Troopers could be clad in black. This will be a change to the usual white color that most Stormtroopers wear.

Even though The Force Unleashed video game is no longer considered canon, it is based during a similar time period to Star Wars: Rogue One. Both of them are set before the events of A New Hope with Darth Vader firmly in control of The Empire while Luke Skywalker is still in Tatooine.

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