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Starhawk Coming in May, Beta Live on PSN

by William Schwartz


Starhawk, Lightbox Interactive’s space based shooter will be arriving exclusively on the PlayStation 3 on May 8th in the U.S. The multiplayer focused game is currently in beta for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

The announcement puts Starhawk smack dab in the middle of a month that will see another major release, Max Payne 3 from Rockstar Games.

The Starhawk development team says its looking to test game balance, server load, and hopefully squash some bugs in the beta process.

The beta which went live for PlayStation Plus subscribers will be exclusive to those members until January 31st. Then, those that got a beta invite by purchasing Uncharted 3 Drake’s Deception will be granted access, followed by the rest of the PSN community on February 21st.

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